Safa finally put one of his songs up on YouTube!

I am still incredulous that no one–not even us–has put a full song performance on YouTube before. Our friend Geneva put a portion of a song up not too long ago, but, “Wow!”, nothing else can be found of us. What is taking us so long? Busy lives and fear of imperfection, maybe?

We know people want the music, so here it is–imperfections and all! Just wait until we release the studio version of this song with the added instruments and voices. It is gunna be awesome!

We would love to see more performance videos of us on YouTube. We have more to put up ourselves soon, but if you have anything decent from the 15 or so years we have been performing give it a whirl on YouTube and let us know about it.

The worse thing that could happen is that we all have a good laugh (or we offer to pay ybig bucks to take it down). God loves laughter, right?


3 Responses to Safa’s New TaliaSafa Baha’i Music Video “This is the Day”

  1. Nate says:


  2. Ilona says:

    Hey Talia,
    much love!!! We love your music and hope to see more of you online.
    Peace and love,
    Ilona and Chava

  3. Victor says:

    this is really an awesome song! 😀

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